How To Sell Sephora Gift Card For Cash In 2022

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Here on this page, you will get to learn everything about the Sephora Gift Card and How to convert any Unused Sephora Gift Card to Cash.

I will also show you the Best Platform to Sell Sephora Gift Card for Cash in Nigeria and get an instant cash payment.

Picture of Sephora Gift Card

To sell your Sephora cards and other gift cards, you need a verified and trusted gift card exchange platform.

You get to sell your gift cards at the best and highest possible rates for Naira with instant cash payment.

If you are looking for How to Redeem Sephora Gift CardApexPay is the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria to redeem your cards.

Sephora gift cards are among the top 5 highest gift card rates to sell in Nigeria today.

Yes! I will show you more, read on.

Sephora is an American retailer and cosmetics company that is one of the most popular beauty retailers worldwide.

Sephora has over 2,700 stores in 35 countries. Sephora is well-known for its exclusive products.

Most of their products are targeted at women who love makeup and skincare products.

Online shopping has made it easier for consumers to shop online.

As more people shop online from international sites, this shift was evident in beauty products.

Sephora’s Gift Card is a physical card that you can use to purchase any product in the store.

Sephora gift cards are a popular option for people who love to shop or give gifts.

Sephora customers can choose their favorite products, making it easy for them to purchase their favorite beauty products.


You can purchase them in different denominations such as $25, $50, $100, and $500.

You can use a Sephora gift card to purchase various products, including makeup, skincare, cosmetics, haircare, and tools.

Sephora gift cards are cards being issued by the Sephora beauty brand.

They offer gift cards as an alternative payment to goods and show appreciation for patronage.

You can purchase Sephora gift cards at retail outlets such as Walmart, CVS pharmacy, etc.

The Sephora card comes in two types: E-codes and Physical cards.

Sephora gift card is sometimes called Sephora Credit card. This is because the gift card has a PIN (sealed) on its back.

Following the recent search queries, many people keep asking series of questions about the Sephora Gift Card.

Some of these questions include;

  • How much is $100 Sephora gift card to Naira
  • How much is $500 Sephora gift card to Naira
  • How to check Sephora gift card balance
  • What is Sephora gift card used for?
  • Where can I sell my Sephora gift card?
  • What is the picture of Sephora gift card?
  • How to Sell Sephora Gift Card for Cash.

All these and many more are the questions people ask regarding Sephora Gift Card.

If you’re here with any of these questions in mind, worry no more. You will get to see the answers to all these questions right away.


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What is Sephora Gift Card?

Sephora Gift Card is no different from any other gift card, just like the Amazon, Steam, Razer Gold gift cards, etc.

The “Sephora Gift Card” is a card that has been preloaded with money and issued by Sephora to its customers to purchase Sephora products online and in-store.

You can purchase Sephora gift cards with any amount without additional charges.

Sephora’s Gift Cards come in two varieties: Sephora Physical Card, which is sent via mail delivery, and Sephora Electronic Gift Card, sent via email.

What is JCPenney Sephora Gift Card?

JCPenney brand, which is a (departmental store) partnered with Sephora brand to open Sephora stores in her building and issues the Sephora cards.

This store issues the Sephora gift card, but the concept is very different.

On the gift cards, you will find the logos of Sephora and JCPenney.

Difference Between JCPenney Sephora Gift Cards and Sephora Gift Cards

The PIN is what makes the Sephora and JCPenney Sephora gift cards different.

Sephora gift cards have an 8-digit pin, while JCPenney Sephora uses a 4-digit pin.

Sephora gift cards and JCPenny Sephora gift cards share similarities in that they are both closed-loop gift cards.

Closed-loop gift cards are only valid and can only be used at the listed merchant.

You can only use a JCPenney Sephora Card at a JCPenney Sephora Store and vice versa.

The Demand for Sephora Gift Card

Sephora gift cards demand is higher than JCPenny Sephora cards.

Sephora gift cards cannot be redeemed or used in Sephora stores unless the currency matches the location.

JCPenney Sephora gift cards can only be redeemed at the store that issued them.

What is Sephora Gift Card Used For?

Sephora Gift Card can be used online or in-store at Sephora Store to buy skincare products, body creams, and hair products, as well as makeup kits and any other beauty products.

You can use a Sephora gift card to receive or get Cash by selling the Sephora Gift Card in exchange for Cash or even bitcoin.

You can use a Sephora gift card to purchase the products and items listed in the Sephora physical (offline) or online stores.

However, the Sephora Gift Card’s services do not end there.

You can also use the Sephora gift card for the following items:

1. Sephora Gift Card can be Used to Redeem Gift Items

You can use Sephora gift cards to redeem gift items at Sephora’s physical and online stores.

You may be asked to gift some beauty products but aren’t sure which one you should buy.

Instead of stressing out, send a Sephora Gift Card to be used and redeem your gifts.

The card’s worth will determine the number of products you can redeem at the store.

2. Use it for Sephora Items

You can use a Sephora gift card to purchase Sephora products listed in the Sephora Stores.

Depending on your Sephora Gift Card balance, you can purchase anything at the Sephora Stores.

3. Sell Sephora Gift Card for Cash

If you do not wish to redeem your Sephora Gift Card at any Sephora store, you can trade your Sephora Gift Card for Cash (Naira or Cedis) on the most trusted platform.

It is super reliable and quick with instant payment when you trade on the ApexPay platform.

The fantastic thing is that you get to sell at the best highest rate, and you get paid within 2 – 5 minutes of completing the transactions.

4. Sephora Cards Can be Use to Pay Bills

Instead of letting your unused Sephora gift card sit idle or waiting for the right time to use it, you can use it to pay your bills.

There are some bills you can pay with it. Instead of spending money on bills, put the money in the bank and pay the bills with your Sephora gift card.

5. Convert Sephora Card to Naira, Cedis, Bitcoin, or USDT

You have the option to convert your Sephora card to Cash or assets, such as digital assets.

You can exchange your Sephora card and get its cash value. This allows you to spend the money anywhere you want, without restrictions.

You can also use the money to buy digital assets like Bitcoin or USDT.

Gift cardholders in Nigeria and Ghana can sell their Sephora cards on this Exchange platform called ApexPay.

You can also get paid in cedis, bitcoin, Naira, and USDT. You only need to download the mobile application, register, and trade to get paid.

6. Donate Your Sephora Card

To avoid wasting unused Sephora gift cards, you can donate the cards to charity organizations.

No matter how low your Sephora Credit card balance is, many charities will accept it.

You can easily donate your gift card to many charities, both online and physically.

7. Sephora Gift Card can be used as a Present (Gift)

If you’re being gifted a Sephora card, you can re-gift the card to other people if you want.

Re-gifting of gift cards to other people never gets old and hence you ought to gift to someone if you’re not making use of it at the moment.

The other people may need the card more than you. You can gift your card to another person if it is in good condition.

They may have better uses for it. While you may not enjoy shopping at Sephora, someone else might.

Sephora Gift Card Picture

Below are Pictures of Sephora Gift Cards.

Picture of Sephora Gift Card Picture of Sephora Gift Card Picture of Sephora Gift Card


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How to Buy Sephora Gift Card

Sephora Gift cards are easy to buy because they can be found almost anywhere; they can be bought online or offline.

You can also purchase Sephora gift cards in-store at Sephora stores, Walmart, Best Buy, and other retail outlets.

You can buy Sephora gift cards online at stores such as Sephora online storeAmazon, etc.

If you’re looking for where or how to buy Sephora Gift Card in Nigeria, you’re not left out. It is possible too.

Sephora doesn’t have any retail stores in Nigeria, but Nigerians can purchase Sephora Gift cards in Nigeria.

You are now asking yourself, “How or where?”

You can purchase Sephora Gift Cards in Nigeria online.

However, the company might not deliver the physical cards to your home in Nigeria after you have made the purchase.

Nigerians can buy Sephora Gift Cards online via the Sephora StoreAmazon, and Walmart.

They will send the cards directly to the registered email address of the card.

How to Sell Sephora Gift Card for Cash in Nigeria

If you’re looking for where or how to sell Sephora Gift Card for Cash and get instant payment in Naira or Cedis.

Then, ApexPay is here for you.

With the high demand for gift cards, many shoppers search for discounts to purchase them.

Most gift card traders and shoppers try to connect with others who trade or exchange their Sephora gift cards for Cash.

ApexPay is one of the best places to sell Sephora gift card in Nigeria.

This platform was specifically designed for this purpose, trading and exchanging your gift cards for cash and then paying you in Naira. is a secured platform to trade Sephora cards online and enjoy peace of mind comfortably.

You can sell your Sephora Gift Card on our Website or download our mobile app for Android or iOS to trade your cards fast.

How to Sell Sephora Gift Card on ApexPay App

Step by Step Guide on How to Trade using this Gift Card Trading App in Nigeria.

  1. Download the ApexPay Mobile App from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.
  2. Create an account and “Sign Up,” then “Login.”
  3. Navigate to “Wallet” and click on “Add new account” to add your bank details.
  4. Go to “Dashboard” and click on “Sell Gift Card” to Submit your gift card.
  5. Wait for 2 minutes or less for the card to be Confirmed.
  6. After Confirmation, check your Wallet for your Cash.
  7. Then Withdraw directly to your Bank Account instantly.

List of Gift Cards to Sell for Cash on ApexPay Platform

On ApexPay, You can sell, trade, and redeem the following Gift Cards within 2 – 5 Minutes:

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Google Play Gift Card
  • Razer Gold Gift Card
  • eBay Gift Card
  • iTunes Gift Card
  • Visa Gift Card
  • Sephora Gift Card
  • Nordstrom Gift Card
  • Nike Gift Card
  • Walmart Gift Card
  • OffGamers Gift Card
  • Amex Gift Card
  • BestBuy Gift Card
  • Home Depot Gift Card
  • Apple Store Gift Card
  • Footlocker Gift Card
  • Macy Gift Card
  • Vanilla Gift Card
  • Target Gift Card
  • Steam Gift Card
  • Disney Gift Card
  • Mastercard Gift Card
  • American Express Gift Card
  • GameStop Gift Card
  • Starbucks Gift Card
  • Netflix Gift Card.


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How to Check Sephora Gift Card Balance

There are different ways to check the balance of gift cards of different brands. While each brand has its method, it can be used as general guidelines.

You will need your card number and the PIN (security code) located on the back of your gift card to check the balance.

You can check your balance online at most retailers and restaurants by calling the toll-free number on the card or by visiting them in person.

To check Sephora Gift Card Balance, follow any of these methods below:

  1. Sign in to your Sephora account and click on your name at the top-left corner of the page. Locate the Payments & Credits section once you have logged into your “My Account” page. You will find a link from there that will allow you to check the balance of your gift card.
  2. Visit any Sephora physical retail store and ask a Cashier at Sephora to check your balance.
  3. Check your balance online here. Scroll down and click on the “Check Now” link to see your current balance.
  4. To check your balance, you can also Call Sephora at (1-888-860-7897).

How to Redeem Sephora Gift Card Online

After checking your gift card balance, you might want to use the card on the platform.

Sephora Gift Cards and eGift Cards come with a 16-digit code and 8-digit PIN.

Follow these steps below to redeem Sephora gift cards online.

Step 1: (For Plastic Gift Cards): Gently use your fingernail or a coin for scratching the foil that covers the gift card 8-digit PIN. This number is located in the right-hand corner of the back of the Gift Card.

Step 2: In the Payment section of the Checkout page, enter your Gift card number and PIN.

Step 3: Click the “Save and Continue” button at the bottom right of the Payment area.

The right side of this page will show the amount deducted from the total order.

Sephora Gift Card Rate to Naira

The rate for Sephora gift cards varies, depending on the moment you want to trade on the ApexPay Platform.

However, you can always check the current rate of any gift cards using the gift card rate calculator on the ApexPay Mobile App or via the Website here.

Below are the prices for the most common selling Sephora gift cards on the platform.

How Much is Sephora Gift Card $50 to Naira?

The price for $50 Sephora Gift Card to Naira is #13,500.

How Much is Sephora Gift Card $100 to Naira?

The price for a $100 Sephora Gift Card to Naira is #37,000.

How Much is Sephora Gift Card $200 to Naira?

The price for $200 Sephora Gift Card to Naira is #74,000.

How Much is Sephora Gift Card $500 to Naira?

The price for $500 Sephora Gift Card to Naira is #185,000.

How Much is JCPenney Sephora Gift Card $100 to Naira?

The $100 JCPenney Sephora Gift Card to Naira is #25,000.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Sell Sephora Gift Card Online in Nigeria

There are many ways to sell Sephora gift cards online in Nigeria. But you have to be careful when choosing where to sell your Sephora gift cards because you may risk losing your gift card to rippers. is the recommended site to redeem Sephora gift cards online in Nigeria.

How to Convert Sephora Gift Card to Naira or Cedis?

Converting Sephora gift cards to Naira or Cedis is very easy now.

You will be paid into your Nigerian bank account directly. Visit to get started.

Where to Sell Sephora Gift Card for Cash in Nigeria?

To sell Sephora gift card for Cash in Nigeria and get paid immediately, visit It’s a legit and registered site to sell Sephora gift cards for Cash in Nigeria.

Best Site to Sell Sephora Gift Card in Nigeria

The best site to sell Sephora gift card in Nigeria is Their service is fast and reliable.

How Much is $100 Sephora Gift Card in Naira?

The price for $100 Sephora Gift Card to Naira is #37,000.

However, the prices of $25, $50, $100, and $500 Sephora gift cards varies from time to time.

To know the current price today, visit



So, this is all you need to know about the Sephora Gift Card and How to Sell Sephora Gift Card for Cash in Nigeria 2022.

If you’re looking to sell Sephora gift cards in Nigeria, the Apexpay platform is the best exchange platform for you.

You can always follow the steps above to buy, redeem and sell all your gift cards and instantly get paid in Naira or Cedis.

Happy Trading!


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