Top 10 Best Gift Cards In Nigeria Today [2023 Updated]

Top 10 best gift cards in Nigeria

Gift cards might seem like an easy present to give to a friend and loved ones on holiday season.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. New survey findings from WalletHub show that 41 percent of people want that for this year.

Hence picking or gifting them one of these Top 10 Best Gift Cards in Nigeria is something you should do. 

People want gift cards because they don’t like receiving gifts, according to Dan Horne, professor of marketing and associate dean of Providence College’s School of Business.

Horne, who has studied the topic of giving and gift cards, estimates that 15 percent of Christmas gifts go unused.

Giving gifts is a way of expressing the state of a relationship, he explained.

It says a lot about how you don’t know me when you give me a gift I don’t want.”

How do you decide which gift card to purchase? It is probably a good idea to think about where the recipient of your gift card likes to shop.

However, some gift cards are more valuable than others and that’s why you need to know these Top 10 Best Gift Cards in Nigeria.

GiftcardstoNaira evaluated the top gift cards from all major retailers, weighing five factors:

  • Popularity of the gift card.
  • The type of gift card.
  • Discounts from buyers versus the value of the card on major gift card exchanges. 
  • Resale value if the recipient does not want the card.
  • Experience at the retailer and shipping costs.

Here on this page, I will show you the list of top ten gift cards available in Nigeria 2023.

These Gift Cards has the highest gift card rate in Nigeria today.

Following the recent search queries, there are so many questions people also ask in regards to top ten gift cards. These questions includes;

  • What gift cards can be used in Nigeria?
  • What is the Best Gift Card Rate in Nigeria?
  • Which gift card has the highest rate in Nigeria 2023?
  • What is the Gift Card rate in Nigeria Today?
  • What is the highest gift card rate in Nigeria 2023?
  • What is the top 10 most popular gift cards Nigeria?
  • Which gift card is highest?

All these are the frequently asked questions from individuals who are looking for the Top 10 Best Gift Cards in Nigeria.

Today, I will answer all these questions for you and as well show you the list of top ten gift cards available in Nigeria today.

You will also get to know How to sell gift cards on this gift card exchange platform and make money selling gift cards.


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Top 10 Best Gift Cards in Nigeria (2023)

In no categorical order, below are the list of top ten gift cards in Nigeria today.

  1. Amazon gift Card
  2. Google Play gift card
  3. Steam gift card
  4. Razer Gold gift card
  5. Footlocker gift card
  6. Nordstrom gift card
  7. Macy gift card
  8. Footlocker gift card
  9. Walmart Visa gift card
  10. Visa gift card
  11. Vanilla/OneVanilla gift card
  12. American Express gift card
  13. Apple iTunes gift card
  14. Nike gift card
  15. Sephora gift card.

So these are the top ten gift cards with the highest rates in Nigeria today, you can buy or sell any of the gift cards on this apexpay website.

However, when buying VISA, MasterCard or Discover gift cards, remember to read the fine print.

According to WalletHub, he said; You may be charged for purchasing them and can be charged for inactivity if you are not using them regularly.

Nevertheless, for last-minute shoppers, consider buying an (Ecode) e-gift card.

Let’s quickly see how to sell and redeem your gift cards on

How To Sell/Resell Gift Cards on ApexPay

Follow the steps below to sell and exchange your gift cards for cash in Nigeria.

  • Quickly visit
  • On the home page, click on Get Started.
  • Register, Setup and Login to your Account.
  • Locate and Click on the Sell Gift Cards Tab.
  • Submit your Gift Card.
  • Wait for it to be Confirmed.
  • Enter your Bank Account Details and Withdraw.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What Gift Cards can be used in Nigeria?

Definitely, all gift cards can be used in Nigeria including the Amazon Gift Card, iTunes, Steam, Google play, Nordstrom, Sephora, eBay, Vanilla, Walmart, American express etc.

You can always exchange all these gift cards to Cash (Naira or Cedis) on ApexPay.

Q2: Which Gift Card has the highest rate in Nigeria 2023?

The gift card that has the highest rate in Naira is the UK Steam Gift Card.

The Steam UK physical gift card is currently at the rate of #650 naira per dollar for (£20 – £500).

Q3: What is the Top 10 Most Popular Gift Cards Nigeria?

The following is a list of gift cards and the top 10 most popular Gift Cards in 2023.

  1. Footlocker Gift Card
  2. Steam Gift Card
  3. Google Play Gift Card
  4. Walmart Visa Gift card
  5. American Express Gift card
  6. Razer Gold Gift card
  7. Visa Gift card
  8. Vanilla/OneVanilla Gift card
  9. Sephora Gift card
  10. Macy Gift card.

Q4: Which Gift Card is Highest?

According to research, UK Steam Gift Card is seen to be the best gift card with high resale value and highest rates in 2023.

Hence, the UK Steam Physical Gift Card is the Highest and Top-selling gift card Today.

Q5: Which Gift Card has the Highest Rate Presently?

Here is the list of gift cards that has the highest rate presently in 2023.
  • Steam Gift Card
  • Sephora Gift Card
  • Google Play Gift Card
  • Walmart Visa Gift Card
  • Macy Gift Card
  • Visa Gift Card
  • American Express Gift Card.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for the Best Gift Card to buy or to gift a friend and loved ones then you can easily pick from the above list of Top 10 Best Gift Cards in Nigeria.

Then sell and redeem your gift cards for cash here on ApexPay.



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