How To Protect Your Debit Card From Being Hacked [12 Ways]

Learn about the Best ways to prevent Fraud on your Debit Cards and How To Protect Your Debit Card From Being Hacked.

If you’re looking for How to protect your Debit Card from Hackers in 2023, then this guide is specially made for you.

I will share with you the 12 powerful ways on How to safeguard your Debit Cards and prevent Frauds when using it for online payments.

Debit cards are swipe cards used for payments when transactions are directly made from a user’s bank account. They are also referred to as bank cards.

They ease off the burden of carrying cash or writing checks before making financial transactions.

Although they have purchase limits, which makes it impossible to make large transactions with them.

Some people use this feature as a deterrent to avoiding reckless or excessive spending.

How To Protect Your Debit Card From Being Hacked

Some debit cards have reward schemes as credit cards do. An example is returning 1% on every purchase.

Debit cards have similar structures to credit cards as they can be used at ATMs.

Recently, banks have taken to issuing debit cards on the opening of new accounts.

These debit cards are issued by card-payment processors like Visa card and Mastercard.

And transactions on these cards are authorized by Personal Identification Numbers (PINs).

Debit cards are preferred to credit cards because of debt avoidance.

More so, they do not incur charges, like registration fees or subscription fees.

The only fees experienced with debit cards are ATM fees.

These happen as a result of making transactions at ATMs that are not owned or affiliated with your bank.

Other charges related to debit cards are charges paid for a card replacement.

Card replacements can happen in cases like expired cards, lost cards, damaged cards, or stolen cards.

Also, foreign buys like making purchases with a foreign currency can incur charges.

Debit cards are targets for criminals and fraudulent individuals and hence, many people have fallen victim for them.

However, some persons who have fallen victims and are not willing to fall victim again went in search for solutions and kept on asking series of questions like;

  • How to protect your Debit Card from Scanners?
  • What to do if your Debit Card is Hacked?
  • How do I protect my Debit Card from Scanners?
  • How to protect your Debit Card from Hackers?
  • How to protect your Debit Card from Skimmers?

All these and many more are few of the questions people ask when looking for how to protect and secure their debit cards.

On this page, you’ll get the possible answers to some of these questions and as well learn the best ways on How To Protect Your Debit Card From Being Hacked in 2023.

Let’s quickly see them, read on.


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Table of Contents

How To Protect Your Debit Card From Being Hacked (12 Ways)

There are various ways to safeguard your debit cards and credit cards to prevent scammers, below are the list of 12 working ways.

Here are some ways to keep your debit card and funds safe from hackers:

12 Ways for Keeping your Debit Card Safe includes;

  1. Keep your PIN Discrete
  2. Check your Bank Statements Regularly
  3. Avoid Using Debit Cards Online
  4. Make Use of ATMS’s at Banks Only
  5. Create a Security Profile
  6. Raise Alarms Promptly
  7. File a Police Report
  8. Bank Online
  9. Activate Bank Alerts
  10. Operate Paperless
  11. Discard Old Debit Cards
  12. Transact under Secured Networks.

Get yourself a cup of coffee as we delve and discuss briefly about each of them, follow me.

1. Keep PINs Discrete

PINs are codes that authorize transactions on bank accounts through debit cards. As a result, they should be kept very safe and private.

Just as in crypto wallets that have private keys that authorize their transactions, PINs are a shorter and easy steal if found.

It is not advised to use it at kiosks or service points, due to fraudulent hacks. It is advised to be used only at authorized ATMs.

And if transactions must be made outside ATMs; the debit card can be used in credit card mode to offer some protection.

Keeping your PIN’s discrete and private is one of the best ways to secure your funds when looking for How To Protect Your Debit Card From Being Hacked.

2. Check Your Bank Statements Regularly

Bank statements are records of payments, withdrawals, and the balance of a bank account. And it is given periodically to the account owner.

Monitoring bank statements make the owner aware of transactions and reveal fraudulent or any unusual activity in the account.

With this, the account owner can raise an alarm to the bank for corrections and measures to be taken.

3. Avoid Using Debit Cards Online

Credit cards are more difficult to be cracked because banks delay their processes, and fraudulent activity can be discovered.

Debit cards are however susceptible to such activities.

Hence, learn to be diligent on how to use your debit card online.

4. Make Use of ATMs at Banks Only

Sometimes, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and other digital service machines placed at other locations could be bugged by criminals, and your debit card details could be stolen.

Banks are however safer because they could be tracked.

Always make use of the Bank ATM Centers for your ATM Withdrawals and Payments.

5. Create a Security Profile

Security profiles are programmed inquiries made to a user to confirm his/her identity and ownership. They should be kept as discrete as PINs.

The questions do not have to be far-fetched, and the answers do not have to be entirely true. They should just be consistent.

Create and Maintain a Standard Security Profile that are very much secured and made private for you only.

6. Raise Alarms Promptly

If your debit card goes missing or you find fraudulent transactions in your account, ensure to raise an alarm to your bank immediately it is discovered.

This will help to curb and stop any harm that will occur on the account.

Raising alarm when anything goes wrong on your account or with your debit card is one of the best ways on How To Protect Your Debit Card From Being Hacked.


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7. File a Police Report

For cases of stolen cards, filing a police report could help with proper investigation and control.

Also, an advantage is that banks could make a reimbursement.

You can easily file for a police report at any nearest police center in your area or visit the bank to complain.

8. Bank Online

Online banking has been adopted by a lot of users due to its appreciable level of safety and security.

Banks make use of multi-factor authentication. This is multi-layered security software that confirms users’ identities.

It is easier to monitor activities going on in your account with online banking.

9. Activate Bank Alerts

Signing up for bank alerts helps you keep track of every transaction and activity.

Alerts are delivered through text messages and emails.

Bank Alerts is very much necessary if you’re looking to safely use a debit card online or looking to protect your debit card from scammers.

10. Operate Paperless

Keeping bank statements paperless removes the risks of having your account information stolen.

Paper bank account statements and receipts should be destroyed immediately after use.

And all soft copies should be kept as discrete as possible.

11. Discard Old Debit Cards

Debit cards that are no more in use should be destroyed permanently.

Old debit cards in the hands of criminals can be a dangerous tool for accessing your account.

If you’re so much interested on How To Protect Your Debit Card From Being Hacked, then you must always discard any old or expired debit card.

12. Transact Under Secured Networks

Transacting under unsecured networks could expose your card and account details to hackers.

Financial security is a priority for every individual. Therefore these measures should be taken keenly to avoid casualties.

Remember, security is sanity.


In conclusion, the various ways listed above will always help you when looking for How To Protect Your Debit Card From Being Hacked in 2023.

Take advantage of this and use them to safeguard your debit card and as well secure your funds from hackers.

If you found this article helpful, you can share with your friends and to those who might be in need of it.

Remember, Sharing is Caring.

Always Stay Woke and Stay Safe!


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