How To Redeem iTunes Gift Cards

iTunes allow you to organize your media library while giving you access to so many songs, videos, and documentaries. Since its release in 2008, it has gained wide adoption and its increased usage made them introduce the iTunes gift card.

The iTunes gift card can be used for a lot of purposes which we will be exploring in a section of this article. And if you’re a lover of music, you’ll need to be fully utilizing the iTunes store where you’ll find some of the best tracks to sooth your listening pleasure.

But before we get into this conversation, we will identify how you can avoid getting scammed on iTunes, how to get an iTunes card, and how you can redeem your iTunes gift cards.

What is iTunes?

iTunes is a media player, internet broadcaster or media library that can be used to buy, play, and assemble digital multimedia on personal computers. Additionally, you can rip your CDs and optimize for sound using the different sound engineering options available.

Although the whole focus of iTunes was to build a music library, the rising interest of its users in other aspects of media such as podcasts, radio, eBooks, and videos made them adopt it into iTunes. This service was discontinued in 2017 with all these media aspects existing as separate applications on the Apple Store.

iTunes started out well bringing a lot of options to the table in media, but the user experience on the platforms had huge criticism. Their decentralization has helped quench some of the negatives about their platform as developers have introduced competing platforms.

What is an iTunes Card?

An iTunes gift card is a pre-purchased credit that can be used to purchase a myriad of application, software, and digital services on the iTunes and Apple store. Furthermore, you can use this gift card to subscribe to Apple Music and a whole lot of other services.

Many people often make the mistake of intertwining iTunes gift cards with Apple Store gift cards. While Apple store gift cards help you purchase physical products such as the iPhone, MacBook, or iMac, iTunes gift card basically helps you in the purchase of media files such as movies, applications, and music.

iTunes gift cards are sold as physical cards while they also operate as digital codes. You can receive the codes to any card through your mail. And you would be excited to learn that unlike other digital cards, iTunes card doesn’t have an expiry date at all.

A lot of people might consider the fact that you can only redeem your card at the same iTunes store you purchased it as a downside, however, it doesn’t deter the reliability and flexibility of the iTunes gift card.

How To Buy an iTunes Card

An iTunes gift card can help you complete a series of purchases when you don’t have a credit card or you need to pay for an item in another country’s iTunes store. Using peer-to-peer, you can always easily find secondary sellers to help you complete the transaction.

On many occasions, there will be a lot of people willing to scam you, but you must apply caution to evade being scammed. A familiar tactic for scamming people of their iTunes gift card remains promotions of different products in exchange for gift card payments.

If you want to buy gift cards, you can get them;

  • On the Apple Store online.
  • With an iPhone or iPad
  • With a Mac running macOS Catalina or higher
  • On older versions of macOS or a Windows PC with iTunes
  • At retail locations like the Apple Store, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

How To Check iTunes Gift Card Balance

The balance on your iTunes gift card gives you information regarding the type of purchases you can make. Essentially, when you have a minute balance, certain services evade you.

Hence, to remain aware of what you can access, you need to know your iTunes gift card balance which you can check in three unique ways.

Using Your iPhone

To check your balance, using your iPhone, you need to:

  • Launch the App
  • Enter the Today tab, and tap on user icon in the top right corner
  • See your name and credit amount

Using your macOS

To check your balance, using your macOS , you need to:

  • Launch the App
  • Click on Name on bottom of left side bar
  • Find Apple Name and Credit amount

Using your Mac or Windows PC running iTunes

  • Launch iTunes
  • Ensure you’re properly signed in
  • Click on Store tab and find balance in top right corner

If you happen to check any of these places and you don’t see any value, it means you don’t have a balance. Hence, you will need to buy an iTunes card.

How To Redeem iTunes Gift Card  

Having an iTunes card that doesn’t reflect in your credit score makes it unfit for any purchase online. To make purchases easily and faster, you need to redeem your iTunes card. You can do this through many processes which are:

Using Your iPhone

  • Open the App store
  • Open Today Tab and tap user icon on the top right
  • Pick Redeem Gift Card or Code
  • Scan Code With Device Camera or Enter Manually

Using your macOS Catalina

  • Open the Mac App Store and click on your name in the left sidebar
  • Select Redeem Gift Card at the top-right
  • Login with your Apple ID and password if you didn’t initially
  • Scan the code with webcam or enter it manually

Using your Mac or Windows PC running iTunes

  • Open iTunes
  • At the top of the screen, choose Account > Redeem
  • Sign in with your Apple ID and password if needed
  • Enter your gift card code to redeem it

How to Sell Your iTunes Gift Card

To sell your iTunes Gift Cards,

  • visit
  • On the home page, click on get started
  • Submit your Gift card.
  • Wait for it to be confirmed.
  • Submit your bank account details for payment.

FAQ Section

  1. How do iTunes cards work?

iTunes card work with a unique code number which you can use to gain credit on your iTunes account for your purchases.

  • What is iTunes card used for?

iTunes card are used to purchase items on the iTunes store such as music, movies, and applications.

  • Can iTunes cards be used for cash?

No. It’s not advisable to redeem iTunes card codes for cash as you can get scammed easily.


iTunes cards have made the purchase of media files on the iTunes and Apple store easy and efficient. For example, someone from one country can pay for their orders on the iTunes store of another country with an iTunes card.

The ease at which users can access their choice of media files on the store using credit from their iTunes card further makes it interesting.

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