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PayPal Vs. Stripe 2023: Which is Better?

Are you trying to set up a payment system on your website, but you are confused about which payment platform is most suitable for you?

Are you looking for the best comparison between PayPal vs Stripe to know which is better to use?

Or it could be that you are looking for a more secure and easy-to-use payment gateway where you can manage payments on your e-commerce website. 

PayPal vs Stripe

When talking about payment gateways where internet users can process payments online, the list is not complete without PayPal and Stripe.

Over the years, these two giant platforms have become a household name for various calibres of internet users, including Entrepreneurs, SME’s, large business owners, e-commerce retailers, and even online shoppers.

Stripe and PayPal are unarguably two of the largest online payment platforms in the world.

Both payment platforms have distinct features and similarities that try to meet customers’ needs in various ways.

For instance, startups prefer PayPal, while Stripe is a better option for more prominent companies.

Because PayPal and Stripe also offer similar services, it is somewhat tricky for e-commerce merchants to decide which one is right for them.

In this article, we will be x-raying the differences and similarities between PayPal vs Stripe, likewise the pros and cons of PayPal and Stripe.

Over the years, Individuals, Startups and Small Business Owners have been asking questions on Stripe vs PayPal, which is good for their business.

These questions have lingered a lot, and we have gathered them along with the answers provided on this page, some of these questions include.

  • Is it Better to use Stripe or PayPal?
  • Is Stripe Cheaper than PayPal?
  • Stripe Fees vs PayPal
  • Stripe vs PayPal vs Square
  • PayPal vs Stripe Which is Better?

These are few of the frequently asked questions from people and individuals who are looking for the best comparison between Stripe vs PayPal.

Here on this page, you’ll get to see the possible answers to some of these questions and also get to know which is better between PayPal vs Stripe in 2023.

And as you read on, soon you will discover the most suitable one for you or for your business between the two online payment platforms.


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What is PayPal?

PayPal is considered the number one payment solution generally accepted in over 30 countries.

It allows internet users send and receive payments over the internet without stress.

PayPal has over 250 million users across the globe.

Nearly every e-commerce merchant has a PayPal account. That is how widespread and recognizable PayPal is.

Benefits of using PayPal

There are a handful of benefits that users enjoy, which is why PayPal is one of the most used payment options all over the world:

  • PayPal is Easy to Use

Aside from the fact that signing up on PayPal is free, PayPal is also easy to use.

The process involved in setting up your account is not just free. It is also effortless and straightforward.  

The complications involved in doing transactions are eliminated when you link your credit cards and bank accounts to your PayPal.

With PayPal, you can send money to your friends and family abroad using either our PayPal balance or your bank account at no extra cost.

  • PayPal is Mobile Friendly

Just like its desktop version, PayPal’s mobile app is straightforward to use.

With the app, you can send and withdraw funds at your convenience.

You can as well access Paypal web version using your mobile devices.

There has been an increase in FinTech companies that allow people to make transactions.

However, PayPal’s platform top the list for most users.

Whether it’s a desktop, an iPhone or an Android device, no matter the device.

PayPal has a user and mobile-friendly interface that ensures you buy online and make transactions at the touch of your screen from anywhere in the world.

  • PayPal guarantees a Secure Transaction

One benefit of using PayPal is that transactions carried out on the platform are highly secured.

Whether you are paying bills, making a purchase, or sending money, PayPal tries its best to ensure all your sensitive information are safe.

It has an end-to-end user encryption feature for all your data and that of your customers.

PayPal has a way of checking your browser to ensure that your browser is up-to-date with the latest encryption technology.

It also stores data on external servers that aren’t connected to the web. It is tough to hack PayPal’s servers.

  • It is easy for you to access funds on PayPal
  • Fees are also refundable to customers who use PayPal
  • Free card readers for your storefront
  • Special discounts are also available on PayPal
  • PayPal supports many local payments types like SOFORT, MyBank, EPS, BLIK, Giropay and many others.

Limitations of PayPal

Despite being one of the most widely accepted third-party payment platforms, there are cons to using PayPal.

Many articles can go on and on about the beautiful sides of using PayPal without telling you the downsides of using the service.

Read on to find out limitations you might likely encounter if you decide to use PayPal.

  • Chargeback fees

Although PayPal is free when used individually, you’re not using it as a company or for business purposes.

If you are making money using PayPal, best believe, PayPal will also make money too.

If you’re also setting up a business account, PayPal will charge 2.9% for every transaction you make. 

Also, if you receive payments from sites like eBay, PayPal will charge you between 5-10% of the total amount.

  • PayPal Freezes account

Most PayPal users are probably not aware that PayPal freezes accounts.

PayPal has an algorithm that is always on the lookout for suspicious activities in your PayPal account.

If it successfully detects any of such activities, you are at risk of having your account suspended and your funds frozen.

This means that you will no longer be able to receive or send money. This can be a significant setback for business owners.

To a large extent, PayPal uses account freezing as a way of guarding against fraudulent activities.

  • Extra Bank Fees 

When you transact from your PayPal account to your local bank account, a transaction is usually demanded from most of these banks.

Although the fees vary depending on the bank, there is a fixed amount no matter how you receive it.

Some other disadvantages of using PayPal are:

  • No fees returned with refunds
  • No recurring billing
  • Inability to move all your customer data to an alternative payment solution
  • During the checkout process, customers are redirected away from your website. 

Other services you can find on PayPal include are:

  • Business owners enjoy mass payouts
  • Special button for donations and purchase
  • Online and in-app invoicing.

When looking for the differences between PayPal vs Stripe, you should be aware of the limitations too in order for you to make the right choice.

The above points is all about you need to know about PayPal, the benefits and as well its limitations.

If you think PayPal will be a good option for you in managing your business online payments, then quickly visit the PayPal website here and Sign Up. 

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment option for local and international companies.

It is used by millions of individuals and companies of all sizes, and it also lets people send and receive funds and manage their businesses over the internet. 

Despite being founded in 2009, it is rapidly growing to become a household name amongst eCommerce merchants and is known for its fast and secure payment process.

As of March 2021, Stripe has raised about $600 million.

Benefits of Using Stripe

  • To a large extent, Stripe is focused on developers. And because of this, it has very detailed documentation that is easy for anyone to understand its features. it provides one of the best developer tools.
  • The company does not demand any hidden fees from either individuals or businesses.
  • Stripe prioritizes security for both buyers and sellers. Every transaction you make on the platform is highly secured.
  • It also accepts international payments.
  • Stripe has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Stripe accepts a wide range of credit cards, banks and currencies.
  • Stripe has a stable system for accepting payments without any errors or delays.
  • It has a customized checkout experience for its users

There are some extra beautiful features you get to enjoy when using Stripe. They are:

  • Stripe Atlas: this feature is designed to assist any global business startup.
  • Stripe Sigma: this is analytics that helps a business monitor their payment.

Limitations of Stripe

  • Geo-restriction

Generally speaking, geo-restriction is one limitation that is not only peculiar to Stripe.

It is common among other payment gateways.

As of the time of this article, Stripe is accessible only in 39 countries across a few continents like America, Asia and Europe.

  • Requires a developer

You can’t easily tweak, edit or customize your stripe account except you get a developer.

If you decide to customize your Stripe account by adding some extra features, you will need the services of a developer to carry out the coding process so that it works properly.


When looking for the differences between PayPal vs Stripe, you should be aware of the limitations too in order for you to make the right choice.

The above points is all about you need to know about Stripe, the benefits and as well its limitations.

If you think Stripe will be a good option for you in managing your business online payments, then quickly visit the Stripe website here and Sign Up. 

Who can use PayPal and Stripe?

Stripe and PayPal are used by a wide range of persons in various industries and across multiple countries.

These persons have adopted either of these platforms as their most preferred payment solutions. They include:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Nonprofits and fundraisers
  • B2B Platforms
  • B2C marketplaces
  • Freelancers
  • Online retailers and shoppers
  • Ecommerce companies
  • Small and medium scale enterprises
  • And many more.

Significant differences between PayPal vs Stripe

You may be wondering if there is any difference between PayPal and Stripe.

After all, both companies perform the same function of sending and receiving money online.

However, the answer to the “PayPal vs Stripe” debate is dependent on your individual or business needs, your products and services, and the type of customers you are dealing with.

Some customers might prefer a particular payment solution over another.

  • If you own a website, you can use either of them to receive money from your page visitors.

However, different angles can form the basis of our comparison, like the customer service, availability, level of security, mode of payment accepted and some extra features that e-commerce merchants can find on both platforms.

  • Ultimately, if you run a small business, PayPal will be a better option for you, considering the setup and ease of use.

On the other hand, Stripe is perfect for large companies because it makes room to customize and tweak some features.

  • Stripe has ACH support, whereas PayPal does not.
  • For most merchants, it is cheaper to carry out a transaction with Stripe than PayPal.
  • One notable difference between these two payment giants is that PayPal is easier to use. Stripe is not.
  • Stripe has a more extensive ecosystem than your regular payment processor.


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Similarities between PayPal and Stripe 

PayPal and Stripe share some closely identical features, they include:

  • Although there are some fees attached, however, both platforms support international transaction
  • Both platforms act as the middlemen between customers and business owners when it comes to issues relating to money. They bridge the gap between both parties.
  • Both Stripe and PayPal creates room for some customization

Is it Possible to use both PayPal and Stripe?

YES! Depending on the diversity of needs, you can use both Stripe and PayPal.

For business owners or companies that receive payments online who wish to provide more than a payment option for their customers, you can do so with PayPal and Stripe.

All you need to do is create your account with each platform.

Not sure what payment processor is best for your business needs, the following will help you determine the right one for you:

You can choose Stripe:

  • If you are a business owner and your business requires some extra or specific e-commerce needs 
  • If you want a fair flat-rate pricing
  • If you have an in-house programmer or developer
  • If you make ACH payments.

You can Choose PayPal:

  • If you will be making some transactions in cryptocurrency
  • If you will be doing much card-present transaction
  • If you would like to use PayPal’s digital ecosystem 
  • If you want an effortless process for your payment needs.

Other factors that can influence your choices are:

  • Customer support
  • Ease of setup 
  • Security
  • Ease of use
  • Card readers acceptability
  • Access to funds time
  • Compatibility
  • Online invoicing
  • Usability in your country.

Alternatives to Stripe and PayPal

Just in case you are not satisfied with either of these two platforms, there are still a few fantastic alternative payment platforms that share some similarities with Stripe and PayPal. They are:

  • Payoneer
  • Adyen
  • Square
  • Mangopay
  • Skrill
  • 2Chcekout
  • Dwolla and many more.

PayPal vs Stripe: Which is Better?

From the above guide, both PayPal and Stripe serves the need for online payment system with an enabling platform.

However, I recommend choosing PayPal when you’re a startup and offering your products and services to people around and globally.

Hence, choose Stripe when you’re into a full business operation processing a large scale of transactions around and globally.

The both platforms will help you to send and receive payments from individuals and companies anytime, any day.

Which is better for you depends on the features you found interesting on the platforms, make your decision and make your choice.


As you have seen, both payment gateways offer outstanding features that meet the needs of their customers.

However, your choice of platform to use is solely dependent on your individual or business needs.

While PayPal offers features like brand recognition, convenience, and ease-of-use, on the other hand, it has one of the highest rates for a payment service.

And it is also the best option for transactions less than ($10,000).

Stripe, which is not that much of an excellent option for small businesses without developer support, has also presented itself as a low-cost direct competitor of PayPal.

So, whether you want to collect donations online, pay for a course, or even receive payments from foreign gigs;

I believe with these comparisons, you can now make an informed decision about whether to use PayPal or Stripe.

The most important thing is to focus on the features that help you achieve your transaction goals both now and in the future.

This is all you need to know about PayPal vs Stripe in 2023.


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