Sell Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria

Sell Amazon Gift card

Founded in 1995, Amazon is an American multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital media. It is one of the Big Five companies in the United States. Due to its popularity, gift cards from Amazon are among the easiest to obtain and selling them is also easy if you know where to sell them.

What is an Amazon Gift Card used for?

You can use an amazon gift card to pay for almost any item on the website as well as some affiliated websites. You can easily buy amazon gift cards here or from most retail stores

How to Sell Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria is the most trusted website to sell your Amazon gift cards in Nigeria. Established in 2017, Apexpay has been the go-to platform for selling Amazon Gift cards. To sell your gift cards now, quickly visit and click on get started to submit your gift card. Your google play gift card will be redeemed within 2 – 5 minutes and you will receive your money in the bank account you provided. To sell on Apexpay, Quickly

  • visit
  • On the home page, click on get started
  • Submit your Steam Gift card.
  • Wait for it to be confirmed.
  • Submit your bank account details for payment.

Amazon Gift Cards and their Current Rate in Naira

Below is a table of Amazon gift cards and their current rate in Naira

Amazon Gift CardsRate in Naira
USA no receipt $50 – $100200
USA no receipt $25160
USA no receipt $101 – $500180
USA debit receipt $50 – $100240
USA debit receipt $101 – $500180
USA cash receipt $50 – $100270
USA cash receipt $25 – $49180
USA cash receipt $101 – $500220
USA Ecode $50 -$200130
UK Ecode 150
UK debit receipt 101 – 500190
UK cash receipt 50 – 100260
UK cash receipt 200 – 500240
UK Amazon no receipt 210
UK Amazon debit receipt 50 -100230
EUR receipt 250
EUR Ecode 150
CAD receipt $25 – $100100
CAD no receipt $25 – $10090

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