Legit sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria Legit sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria

List of Gift Cards You Can Resell In Nigeria For Cash [2024 List]

Do you know that you can sell and resell your gift cards Online and make money too.

Are you looking for the List of Gift Cards you can Resell in Nigeria or Do you want to resell your gift cards here in Nigeria?

In this article, I will list some of the gift cards you can sell in Nigeria and get paid in Naira immediately.

List of Gift Cards you can resell in Nigeria

For your information, the best platform to sell/resell your gift cards in Nigeria is Apexpay.org

Yes, you can trade, redeem and sell your gift cards legally on the ApexPay platform.

Last time, a friend was asking “Is selling gift cards illegal”? and my answer was NO.

It’s not illegal to sell your gift cards! Rather than leaving your cards to expire, you can sell and exchange them for Cash.

You can always sell your gift cards for more or less the actual value of any gift card and get paid immediately even at the highest rate.

On ApexPay, you get instant cash payment at the highest rate when you exchange and sell your gift cards with us.

Let me quickly show you the list of Gift Cards you can Resell in Nigeria on ApexPay.


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List of Gift Cards You can Resell in Nigeria 2024

  1. Amazon Gift card
  2. Google Play Gift Card
  3. Razer Gold Gift Card
  4. eBay Gift Card
  5. iTunes Gift Card
  6. Visa Gift Card
  7. Sephora Gift Card
  8. Nordstrom Gift Card
  9. Nike Gift Card
  10. Walmart Gift Card
  11. Walmart Visa Gift Card
  12. Offgamers Gift Card
  13. American Express (Amex) Gift Card
  14. American Express Serve Gift Card
  15. Bloomingdale’s Gift Card
  16. GameStop Gift Card
  17. Saks Gift Card 
  18. BestBuy Gift Card
  19. Home Depot Gift Card
  20. Apple Store Gift Card
  21. Footlocker Gift Card
  22. Macy Gift Card
  23. Roblox Gift Card
  24. Vanilla/OneVanilla Visa Gift Card
  25. Vanilla/OneVanilla Mastercard
  26. Target Gift Card
  27. JCPenney Gift Card
  28. Xbox Gift Card
  29. NetSpend Gift Card
  30. Steam Gift Card.

How To Resell Gift Cards In Nigeria

You can resell all types of gift cards including Amazon Gift cards, Visa Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, Steam Gift Cards, Google Play Cards etc.

When you resell any of these gift cards, you’ll get instant payment in Naira.

To resell your gift cards, visit Apexpay.org and click on get started to submit your gift card.

Your gift card will be redeemed within 2 – 5 minutes and you will receive your money in the bank account you provided.

To sell or resell any gift card on Apexpay platform either on our (website or app);

  • Quickly download our App or visit Apexpay.org.
  • On the home page, click on Get Started.
  • Register, setup your Account and Login.
  • Locate and click on Sell Gift Card.
  • Submit your Steam Gift Card.
  • Wait for it to be Confirmed.
  • Enter your Bank Account Details and Withdraw.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Can Gift Cards be Resold?

Yes! You can resell your Gift Cards for Cash instead of allowing these gift cards to waste and expire.

Sell or Resell your unused and unwanted gift cards for cash to gift cards exchange platform like Apexpay.org

Q2: Can You make Money Selling Gift Cards?

Yes, you can make good money by selling gift cards in Nigeria on reliable Gift Cards Exchange Platforms.

Platform like ApexPay trades all gift cards and allows you to sell gift cards for as much as 99 percent cash back for the value of the card.

To avoid loosing out or running out of money, make use of the Apexpay.org website to turn old gift cards into cash and make money selling gift cards.


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